TeamSkeetExtras – Katana – Dessert / 16.06.2020

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Pornstar : Katana


Jen and Matheo have been a couple for ten years, but have always been open to exploring… together. Snoozing in the shade, Jen lies in between Matheo and Kai, one hand sleepily touching Kai’s chest and the other slowly stroking Matheo’s hardening cock. Realising what’s happening, Kai soon relaxes into the moment, excited at the prospect of a threesome with his old friends. It’s clear who’s in control of this encounter, as Jen fetches strawberries and champagne, Kai and Mateo drinking the bubbles from the curves of her body and feeding her juicy berries. As Kai slides inside Jen from behind, she moans in ecstasy and takes Matheo deep into her mouth. We love the chemistry between this dynamic trio and the tenderness of touch – it’s unlike any threesome scene you’ve ever watched before.