RKPrime – Alive Bell – Tiny Russian Curbside Pickup

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Pornstar : Alive Bell


Picture that you’re traveling through a foreign country, taking in the sights, when you spot the tiny, uniformed Alive Bell on the side of the road. She looks a bit shy and lost, so you test out your (poor) Russian sss and offer her a lift. She’s thankful and even teases you a bit about your word choices, but things start to heat up between you. Nervous glances. Brushes against her petite body. Giggles and smiles. You make a move and begin caressing her soft thigh, sliding it up her tight skirt. She smiles and encourages you to keep going. It feels nice. She prompts you to go a bit further, daring you to take the leap of faith… Before she practically orders you to find some place to pull over so she can rip open your pants and swallow your cock whole! Alive pulls off her immaculate uniform to reveal teasing red lingerie covering her perky tits and round ass, hungrily pushing them aside so you can fuck her tight wet pussy… This is why you need to travel!