Reagan Foxx & Liz Jordan – Home Sweet Home

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Greg (Ken Feels) leads his wife Morgan (Reagan Foxx) into a house that has a bunch of moving boxes in the living room. Morgan looks delighted with the house, and happily makes out with Greg. But when Greg checks the kitchen cupboards and sees that there’s no food in them, he says he’ll go find something to eat, driving off while Morgan stays in the house.

As Greg drives, he comes across a young man and a young woman hitchhiking on the side of the road. Despite his misgivings, Greg stops the car and asks the hitchhikers if they’ve eaten lately. The pair say that they haven’t, so Greg tells them they can get in the car. The hitchhikers thank him, introducing themselves as Wes (Tyler Cruise) and Carrie (Liz Jordan).

When Greg arrives at the house with Wes and Carrie, Morgan doesn’t look pleased with the unexpected company. During a tense dinner, Morgan outright asks Wes and Carrie what they’re running away from. Wes and Carrie say they don’t want to talk about it, but claim that they’re siblings. Greg says that Wes and Carrie can stay at the house for the night. Wes and Carrie happily accept, and go off to one of the bedrooms. But Morgan is displeased and gets into an argument with Greg, saying this was supposed to be their special night. The argument ends with Greg storming out of the house, despite Morgan saying he shouldn’t leave her alone with two strangers in the house.

Wes and Carrie decide to make use of Greg’s absence. As they plot together, it is revealed that they lied about being siblings. They’re actually husband and wife, and they’re definitely up to no good. Carrie sneaks over to the living room, and finds Morgan’s purse there. But as Carrie looks through the contents of the purse, Morgan catches her in the act, grabbing Carrie by the hair. Carrie finds herself unexpectedly turned on, but still says she’ll yell for Wes. Morgan confidently tells Carrie to go ahead, because she can take care of him too. When Wes enters the room, it’s clear that there’s more to Morgan than it seems… but who’s going to come out on top in this situation?