JapanHDV – Nagisa Sayama Gets Banged By Neighbor

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Pornstar : Nagisa Sayama

Nagisa is so happy today, but it’s her neighbor’s visit that has lightened up her face. Her husband is off on a long business trip and left her all horny and yearning for a good fuck. Her neighbor walks in and starts to touch her, but she gets a call from her husband. She pretends to be doing household chores while her husband is on call and the neighbor is touching her all over her horny body. She stays on call while her neighbor undresses her. This, of course, is going to be one crazy phone sex in which the husband will only be involved emotionally. Nagisa can’t help but moan to the awesome pounding her neighbor is doing. Convincing her husband nothing is going on is not even her concern since he doesn’t even doubt her word. Nagisa even manages to converse with her husband with her neighbor’s dick in her mouth. Just like you’d expect from any guy fucking good pussy, her neighbor came in her. With no regrets, Nagisa just lays back with her pussy dripping with cum. Still on the phone with her husband, she now talks with a different tone, no longer horny and satisfied sexually.