Amedee Vause – I Didn’t Sign Up For This

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Pornstar : Amedee Vause


When I married a wealthy businessman and he told me he has a young step-son, I didn’t see this as a problem, at all. It’s not like I’ve fallen in love with this man, love is for poets and poor people, I’ve wanted to assure my future… financially speaking. I just wanted to be pampered and appreciated for what I’m worth, because beauty does not come for free, it is a wide known fact that the wealthiest men get the most beautiful chicks! In real life beauty costs a lot of money, weekly cosmetic treatments, expensive make-up and clothes, and, of course, the hair salon! I didn’t pay much attention to the step-son as he spends most of the time in his room, that is until recently, when I got a call from his school counselor. The news I received was outrageous and alarming: he gets erections during class and masturbates in the girls bathroom! Oh. My. God!!! I wouldn’t have ever imagined such behavior! I burst into his room furiously, just to find him watching porn!… On his tablet! I started to shout loudly and lecture him, because he needs to understand what it is that he is doing, that it’s unacceptable and has to stop! He claims he has erections all the time and there’s nothing he can do about it, because he has no girlfriend to take care of these things. I completely forgot that his step-dad just came on my cleavage a few moments before all this, and I actually had a drop of Cum on my Boob. That drove him mad, aaaand… he got fucking boner! Incredible! I told him his step-dad is supposed to talk to him about these things, that I’m not his step-mother and I didn’t sign up for this!… But his problem was real. The boy was getting boners all the time, so I decided to help him. You, the reader, with your dirty mind probably already guessed how I actually ended up helping him. I slowly rubbed it until it got hard, complimented him that he’s waaay bigger than his step-father and began to suck it. Something unexpected happened: he placed a hand on my head and pushed it down, making me to take it all in. I asked how on earth does he knows I can do this, and he proved to be a very nosy youngster, he, in fact, heard his step-father bragging! I gave him a nice blowjob, with a lot of DeepThroat, stating that his uncontrollable erections at school must stop, if he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation (and his step-father’s). I got horny in the meantime and we got to having sex… he claims he’s only been with one girl, but I have my doubts. It was nice, except the part when he was about to cum all the fucking time. I rode him in the Reverse Cowgirl position, then we switched to spooning. After another solid five minutes of fucking he declared he simply can’t last any longer so I took pity on him and I made him cum all over my Big Bodacious Boobies and neck! He gave me a pearl necklace… how nice of him! I hope tomorrow he won’t get another boner in class, gosh….